Holway Ace ("Kuje") and Omskakas Inte Just Nu ("Kide")

perjantai 9. heinäkuuta 2010

Reissussa - On holiday 22.6.-6.7.

We spent a truly wonderful holiday touring Scotland, England and Spain between 22.6.-6.7. Two days were dedicated to dogs, as we went to watch the Golden Retriever Club's Inter club working test held this year at Holway. Wonderful dogs, lovely people, fantastic arrangement and most exciting of all, best open dog was young Holway Martina of Wydcombe, Kuje's "sister" from Holway Volley-Tauvechan Minstrels first litter (born at the end of 2007) :). We had the pleasure of spending a night at Holway with Robert and Nicky Atkinson and Kuje's mother, aunt, "sister" from the first litter and almost a sister from Volley sister-Memphis combination and of spending the next day at Mike and Gwen Knox's home, who own Kuje's father, brother and "sister", to name but a few of the relatives we saw during those two days :) It is just always so nice to travel in England!

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